End of year updates

It’s been a doozy of a year end. Regarding the containerization, I’ve moved everything except for Discourse. That remains a bigger beast than I can tame, so I’ll likely leave it as a VM. Additionally, the reverse proxy is still on the same VM. That’s probably the next thing to do.

Got “Redeployed” at my work, which means my current job was deleted and I’m supposed to “find a new one”. So hopefully I can do that with my current employer, but I’ve been looking at extra locations around town. So that makes for a happy holidays!

I moved from the Unraid “Compose” plugin to a container of Portainer that is set to control the Unraid docker. Using that I spun up a lovely Minecraft server for my kids and some friends. Also moved more and more things to subdomains instead of subdirectories.

Anyways, always more to do. Finally moved Octoprint off the Raspi and onto the server. Consolidation to a single point of failure!






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