Self-hosted Rabbit Hole

Well, I’ve had many adventures lately with the server, and I’ll try to document them as much as I can. Recently I spent some time trying to get my Nextcloud instance back up and running (success!), and then decided to add Mastodon. So now I can type little posts to myself, much like how I use Twitter right now.

I’m constantly enjoying learning more and more about self-hosting and managing my Unraid server. I added Apache Guacamole to access different VMs and SSH terminals without needing to install Chrome Remote Desktop.

The eventual goal? I don’t know! I am hosting a few blogs, I have a few game servers, I run a D&D forum, I now have a number of cloud services and I never know what is coming next. But man, do I love being able to spin up a docker image and have a new capability.

Someday soon I’ll learn how to write my own Docker images, then I can move WordPress off of a VM and on to a Docker image!






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