Gotta temper expectations

All this server fervor has me browsing used server ads again. I don’t strictly *need* a better server, but I definitely *want* one. I have piles and piles of hdds, but I’m running out of room for them in my current full tower case. I recently had a drive die, so I was in there pulling out drives tonight.

I am running an Unraid server on an old Xeon with eight hard drives: two 4TB drives, and six 2TB drives. One of the 4TB drives is a dedicated parity/redundant drive, so I have 4 + 6*2 = 16TB of storage available. Aaaand, it’s filling up. A nice feature of Unraid is the ability to add drives as you please, but I’m nearly out of space for them. I can fit in two more drives (which I plan to as soon as I receive the adapter), but then it’s a matter of keeping everyone cool and alive. Hopefully I won’t have any more drives die. The dead drive I lost was manufactured in 2010, refurbed after a life in a datacenter. No hard feelings for passing after 11 years of hard work.

With a hard limit on the number of drives I can fit, I need to start moving to larger disks. I had intended to plop in a 3TB drive tonight, but when I got it plugged in it read as a 1TB drive. I’m going to see what my “dealer” has to say about that before getting too upset. Worst case, I lodge a complaint with Paypal and we see what happens.

I really only need to test if I can get a Minecraft server up and running again, then I should be able to stop tinkering with the server for a bit. Here’s hoping it works out!






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